Church Vestments and Textile Furnishings

Liturgical Fabrics--page 2

  • Colors: Rayon: White, White/Gold 
  • Real Gold: White/gold, White Silver
  • #236Regal-- a larger version of #524
  • Colors: Rayon: White, white/Gold, Gold/Gold, Gold/Red Outline, Red/Gold, Green/Gold
  • Real Gold:  White/Gold, White/Silver, Black/Silver, Gold/Gold, Red/Gold


Agnus Dei
  • Content: Rayon  (Ask about silk)
  • Colors:  White, White/Gold,  (ask about other colors)
  • Content: Rayon  (Ask about Silk)
  • Colors: White, White/Gold, Purple, Red, Red/Gold
  • Content: Real Metallic
  • Colors: Rayon:  White, White/Gold
  • Real Gold:  White/Gold, White/Silver, Gold/Silver, Black/Silver, Gold/Gold
  • Content: Rayon
  • Colors:  White, White/Gold, Red/Gold, Green/Gold, Purple/Gold, Purple, Black

  • Content: Real Metallic
  • Colors: Gold/Gold, Gold/Burgundy, Gold/Red, Gold/Green, Gold/Purple
  • Content: Real Metallic
  • Colors: White/Gold, Red/Gold, Gold/Gold, Green/Gold, Purple/Gold


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