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Ecclesiastical Vestments and Textile  Church Furnishings


Our Patron

St. Benet (Benedict) Biscop

Feast Day: January 12

St. Benet Biscop founded and ruled the monasteries at Wearmouth and Jarrow, England. He is known for helping to bring art and culture to England. His learning and artistic knowledge influenced all of England and greatly enriched the Church and English life.

On his many trips to the continent and Rome he brought back treasures for the English churches--books, altar vessels, paintings and vestments. He brought skilled craftsmen to teach their crafts to the English, masons from France to build stone churches and glaziers for making glass. He also, brought John, Arch Cantor of St. Peters in Rome , to teach the liturgical chant to his monks.

He died on January 12, 690. His true name was Biscop Baducing. The English Benedictines honor him as on of their patrons.

As St. Benet helped to bring art and culture to England, may the St. Benet's Guild, by our work, help to enhance the beauty of the sanctuaries of our Catholic Churches.